TG did Comic Relief

As you are all aware Comic Relief is a major British charity founded in 1985 and every March, on Red Nose Day, thousands of organisations, schools, businesses, celebrities and ordinary people get involved by holding weird and wonderful fund-raising events.

This year Farnborough Central TG responded to HQ’s ‘call to arms’ by donning red noses, deely boppers, printed t-shirts and geeky specs and staging our very own Flash Mob at the Princes Mead shopping centre.

The day started out innocently enough with a Valentines themed Craft Stall, but come 1.30pm when we pressed the ‘play’ button on the sound system the ‘Mob’ went into action while bemused shoppers came to a standstill!

Ok, our performance wasn’t quite studded with slickness but those of us who took part enjoyed dancing and singing along to American Authors and Jason Mraz and the public responded well to Farnborough Central’s version of the Proclaimers classic - ‘I would walk 500 miles’.